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Subtitling & Reversioning

Digital Cinema Reversioning


Soho Digital Cinema can take care of all your versioning needs for Digital Cinema. We can create open and closed captions, subtitles for foreign titles and fully produce audio description tracks for the visually impaired. 

We are experts in subtitling for 3D content, specialising in fully dynamic depth cueing. This ensures subtitles for 3D content always stay “in front” of the picture, avoiding distracting visual occlusions.

We can also create multiple Version Files (VFs) on single DCP masters, allowing cinemas to quickly and easily switch between versions without re-ingesting large files.

SDC take extreme care with all aspects of our international reversioning and we strive always to provide perfect translation and spelling in any language. We work with a network of highly skilled subtitlers and experienced voiceover artists to make sure your projects can be enjoyed by anybody anywhere.

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