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Screenfast Award

Soho Digital Cinema operates the best value and most efficient D-Cinema distribution service in the UK via our award winning web application, Screenfast.

Screenfast is a revolutionary web application designed to get digital cinema content to cinemas using the Cloud. Launched as a beta trial in Jan 2015, Screenfast is now live across the whole of the UK with the rest of the world coming soon.

Screenfast helps distributors organise their releases in infinitesimal detail by breaking them down into individual "campaigns" with differing start and end dates. An entire chain of cinemas can be added to a release in just a few clicks via a simple and beautifully designed user interface. KDMs are sent automatically and can easily be extended for holdovers. We warn you about duplicate deliveries, give you cost estimates and you can constantly check the progress of deliveries through our portal and download delivery reports as spreadsheets. The Screenfast ordering platform has been constantly perfected over years with regular industry feedback from small indi distributors through to international film studios.

Screenfast User Interface

Cinemas receive their content either by manually downloading using our Screenfast Downloader application or the content is automatically pushed directly to a hardware appliance at the cinema such as a LANsat receiver box.


For remote sites with poor Internet connectivity Screenfast automatically remediates delivery using hard drives or trailers on DVD disks provided by partner businesses. In the UK our hard drive service is provided by The Delta Group's Motion Picture Distribution (MPD) and work is carried out at a secure replication centre on MPD's premises in Waltham Cross. 

Screenfast offers unbeatable prices and, combined with our 24-hour online KDM service and technical support, unmatched reliability.

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