DCP Validation

Make sure your digital cinema content is SDC approved for 100% playback reliability

SDC Validation

A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) must be compatible with a range of digital cinema servers in order to be fully reliable. There are many different types of server made by manufactures such as Dolby, Doremi. Sony, Kodak, GDC and more. Some are more forgiving than others about what they will and will not play. Especially when it comes to subtitles, KDMs and frame rates other than 24fps. Producers should be aware that testing a DCP on one server does not mean it will play on all of them.

SDC provide a full DCP validation service for DCPs created outside our facility. The service is impartial, fast and inexpensive. It is designed to ensure your digital content is encoded correctly, free from errors and ready for distribution. This is the same check we perform on our own content which is trusted by major film studios and distributors all over the world. 

The service includes a range of checks including a complete scan using DVS's D-Cinema Validator tool and several "test ingests" on popular digital cinema servers including the Doremi DCP2000 and Dolby DSS200. In addition, we check and advise on the media you are distributing on to make sure it is DCI compliant and make you aware of any possible risks. 

Included in the basic validation service is a spot check in our digital theatre. This is to check for correct sync, colour space and sound configuration. For a small extra charge the DCP can be played back from start to finish. Clients are encouraged to attend screenings and sit in with one of our engineers who will help you spot any issues. 

Our validation process is trusted by some of the world's biggest film studios and distributors. With our stamp of approval you can be sure your DCP meets the latest industry standards. And if it doesn't, our team will be available to advise you on how to fix any issues. 

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