Who we are

Soho Digital Cinema provides the film industry with digital cinema mastering and distribution services. We strive to provide film makers and distributors with the highest quality digital cinema encoding possible. Our work is produced to the highest quality control standards and is trusted by the world's best known film distributors.

SDC take care of every step in the D-Cinema content supply chain, including encoding DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages), digital delivery to cinemas, hard drive replication, international distribution and 24 hour KDM (Key Delivery Message) support.

We use industry standard equipment in every step of our process, utilising cutting edge technologies such as DVS Clipster for encoding DCPs, and Dolby / Doremi servers for Quality Control checks. We are capable of mastering to 2K, 4K, 3D, High Frame Rate and Dolby Atmos all to the latest SMPTE DCP standards.

For cinema distribution, we offer our revolutionary cloud based digital cinema distribution platform "Screenfast". We are backed up by 24 hour KDM support and full on-site QC in DCI compliant screening rooms, we offer one of the most complete encoding and distribution services known to the film industry.

SDC is open from 09.30am to 6.00pm UK time, Monday to Friday. Please feel free to visit.

Our Staff

David Margolis
Founder & CEO
David is a digital cinema specialist with 20 years post-production experience, He started SDC in 2008, then known as ExpressDCP, with the aim of making digital cinema distribution accessible to all film makers. Soho Digital Cinema has been growing steadily ever since.
Melanie Margolis
Screenfast Operations Director
With 15 years experience in production and post production, Melanie brings a wealth of experience to our Screenfast cinema delivery system. Melanie oversees the entire Screenfast process making sure the system runs perfectly. She is constantly adapting and improving procedures to make sure Screenfast is always operating at maximum efficiency.
Michael Andrews
Digital Cinema Encoder
Michael’s background of more than 10 years in the film industry, working not just in digital cinema but also digital film scanning, recording and data management, have given him extensive technical knowledge. His meticulous encoding skills ensure that all his work is carried out to the highest of standards, something our clients have really come to appreciate.
Michelle Rhodes
Account Manager / Digital Cinema Encoder
Michelle has 19 years experience in the cinema industry in management and projection roles which has given her a wide knowledge of digital cinema. She combines her technical knowledge and organisational skills to provide both account management and encoding.
Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst
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