• SDC Theatre Award

mastering the art of digital cinema

We strive to provide film makers and distributors with the highest quality digital cinema mastering available today.

Our work is produced to the highest quality control standards and is trusted by the world's leading film distributors.

More about our services

Soho Digital Cinema provides the film industry with digital cinema mastering and distribution services.

We take care of every step in the D-Cinema content supply chain, including encoding DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) to the latest SMPTE standards, cloud based digital delivery to cinemas, hard drive replication, international distribution and 24 hour KDM (Key Delivery Message) support.

We use industry standard equipment in every step of our process, utilising cutting edge technologies such as DVS Clipster for encoding DCPs, and Dolby / Doremi servers for Quality Control checks in 2K, 4K, 3D, High Frame Rate and even Dolby Atmos. We offer one of the most complete encoding and distribution services known to the film industry and are trusted by some of the world's leading film distributors.


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